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Vocals, Guitars, songwriting, lyrics






About Ursi



I can not see myself listening to a specific music genre. Thus I can relate to a variety of styles/bands. Mainly I lean towards guitar heavy stuff: rock, metal, punk and the likes. At the end of the day I tend to focus on melodics, vocals and the atmosphere/energy that is unleashed through music as a whole. This covers melancholic, epic and dark songs as well as aggressive and provoking ones. Before anything else, music has to reach me on a emotional level. Also lyrics tend to play an important role for me. At the same time a cool riff or a well made groove might catch my interest as well. As a result my cd collection (yes, I still buy cds ;)) consists of highly different artists side by side that might have no connection whatsoever for listeners other than myself. However this provides me with a vast repertoire of a variety of emotions transported by different music styles.






Instruments & equipment



Shure Beta 58A, PRS Tremonti SE BK, Laboga Mr. Hector Duo Master, Laboga Celestion Vintage 30 (2x1”€¯), D’Addario Strings (EXL115 & EJ15),Dunlop Nylonplectrum Heavy, Kopf & Gefühl






























































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